The best way to create the habits and lifestyle you want, is to join a community and culture where your desired behaviour is the norm.


Located in the west end of Edmonton, AB, PROJCT Athletics is a unique private gym offering both personal and group training. Since its inception in the fall of 2017, our aim has been to specialize in fundamental strength and conditioning, treating everyone as an athlete regardless of age, gender, or ability. Our environment is tailored to ensure every individual feels supported and confident in their progress.

Under the guidance of owner Jordan Jeske, PROJCT Athletics was established with a vision beyond the typical bootcamp or calorie-burning frenzy. Jordan recognized a gap in Edmonton’s group fitness offerings, particularly in functional and foundational strength training. This led to the creation of a space not just for exercise, but for education and long-term sustainable change in our clients’ lives. Our approach is personal and instructional, helping clients feel at home in the gym, extending beyond mere cardio and machine use.

Over six years, PROJCT Athletics has grown into a 3000 sqft facility equipped to support the health and wellness goals of our athletes. Whether in personal or group settings, our focus isn’t just on what exercises to perform, but on how to exercise effectively. We advocate for ‘Progress over Perfection’, aiming to build sustainable habits and consistency in both training and lifestyle. We view each member’s health and wellness journey as a collaborative effort, constantly striving to improve and innovate.

Central to our ethos are the 3 C’s: Coaching, Culture, and Community. It begins with our coaches who are fun, approachable and engaging. We understand that the lasting impact comes from how we make our members feel and the ripple effect from one person to another. This philosophy is at the heart of PROJCT Athletics, fostering a culture that positively influences our broader community.

Our team of fitness professionals are deeply committed to helping our athletes of all fitness levels, reach their goals. You don’t have to make yourself by yourself. If you are looking for a space where you can make progress and feel supported every step of the way, then we got you covered. Let’s do the work and be better than we were yesterday!


Jordan Jeske coach at PROJCT Athletics


Jordan Jeske

When I committed to opening up PROJCT Athletics, I wanted the studio to be more than just a gym. I wanted to inspire, challenge and change the perspective of how our community viewed their health and wellness journey.

A project is a collaboration between one or more people, working to improve upon or create something new. That’s how I wanted our athletes to view their fitness and every aspect of life. Making progress, one day at a time, towards the person and life they hope to create. Perspective can change everything and I hope that by changing our athletes perspective we can inspire them to expand the limits of their thinking so that they may expand the limits of their life and accomplish great things.

Owner / Personal Trainer
 / TPI Golf Performance Coach / 
FRC Movement / Specialist / 
Group Fitness Voted Personal Trainer of the Year – 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

I grew up playing competitive basketball and football from an early age. Sports and fitness have always been a big part of my life. I didn’t always know I wanted to be a personal trainer and performance coach though. I was a Journeyman Carpenter for over 8 years before I realized I needed more out of life. Something that allowed me to have a bigger impact on the world and be truly passionate about my job. My passion is to bring the community together and maintain a high level of enthusiasm and encouragement through my personal training, group classes or golf experiences. I love seeing people step outside their comfort zone, shift their perspective and create opportunities for themselves to succeed in whatever path they are on. I personally specialize in Golf Performance through TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). I want to bring the best in golf health and fitness to Edmonton and around the world. Young, old, golfer or not I believe in getting my athletes moving better so they can feel and perform better on and off the golf course. My focus on golf has driven my desire for movement quality and efficiency in everyone that steps in the gym. I want people to think function first. How well are you moving today and what changes do you need to make to perform at your highest level on a daily basis. Making sure they take ownership to create a long term, sustainable change. I believe in Progress over Perfection. Making small changes each day and living for the pursuit of progression, overcoming something that challenged us and accomplishing what we had set out to do. That’s what it’s all about. Always expand and reach for something more.

Brooklyn Tryhuba coach at PROJCT Athletics


Brooklyn Tryhuba

Personal Trainer / Group Fitness / Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant Voted Edmontons Top 5 Group Fitness Instructor

Growing up around an active family, I have always had a passion for sports and activity. After completing the Personal Fitness Training program at NAIT, I realized fitness was only half of the equation towards a healthy lifestyle. This is where I found my love for nutrition. Exercise, dietary choices and self care are at the epitome of our generation. My passion is to educate others on the importance and safety of these topics and to not only be a guide but a tool towards their health and quality of life. My favourite part of being a fitness/nutrition coach is watching people step out of their comfort zone and witnessing them achieve something they didn’t see possible. My goal is to provide a safe, comforting environment that allows individuals to push these boundaries. I believe that anyone can take control of their life and make a change at any time or age. I believe that everyone deserves to feel healthy, fit and confident at any point in their life.

Cam Ellingson coach at PROJCT Athletics


Cam Ellingson

Personal Trainer / TPI Golf Performance Coach/ Corrective Exercises Specialist

As a competitive hockey and lacrosse player, gyms and fitness have always been a part of my life. After High school I traveled and took time off to try and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Of course the year off didn’t bring me any closer to a decision, so I went through the NAIT course list and found the personal training program. I thought it would be worth trying. I absolutely loved it and after graduating from NAIT with a Personal Training Diploma I found a passion for coaching and knew that I wanted to help others find their own passion for fitness and create an amazing relationship with the gym as well! Thankfully NAIT started me down the fitness road because I met my now wife at my first training job years ago at World Health and we’ve never looked back! Golf became a staple in the off seasons of hockey and I quickly got into golf performance n the gym. I found the TPI program in San Diego and wasn’t fully sure as to how this would translate into my own training with my clients. After getting TPI certified in golf fitness I very quickly narrowed my sights and love training golf athletes to hit the ball longer, play golf consistently and pain free most importantly! Turns out it was one of the best choices I could have made for my career as it has now led me to The PROJCT! My goal for any client in the gym is to make them feel as included and welcome as possible, gyms can be scary and intimidating for most people. I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem! Doing that will in turn create an environment that promotes motivation, adherence and success! Clients can crush their goals, have fun and work hard week in and week out for as long as possible!

Luc Mercier coach at PROJCT Athletics


Luc Mercier

Personal Trainer and Health Coach / ITN Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach / BSc Kinesiology

Luc comes to The PROJCT with a degree in Kinesiology from the UofA and a history of personal training, athletic strength and conditioning, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and simply doing his best to educate and share his craft with the world. Luc has previously been the Head Trainer for Body Architects, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Concordia University, Youth Fitness Coach at Serdachny Hockey, and S&C Coach for UofA Pandas Rugby Club! On his time off you’ll find Luc hiking in the backcountry, competing in a friendly sports tournament, or spending time with his girlfriend Kararose and dog Keith! All three of whom love to stay active and be outdoors as often as they can. Join them for a stairs run in the Edmonton River Valley, a swim at the Callingwood YMCA, or a dog walk in Laurier Park! Luc has always been described as the guy who looks too cool for school until you get to know him as a true Harry Potter, Pokémon, and Friends dork. Don’t be afraid to say hi the next time you see this guy with his head down in “concentration mode” at the gym!”

Carrie Habinski coach at PROJCT Athletics


Carrie Habinski

Personal Trainer / Group Fitness

Through my life, I was constantly involved in sports. I always had the love of movement in my blood. I constantly sought physical activity as my outlet and continued to learn about new sports and skills right through to university life. I was also greatly interested in the psychological component of daily life. So, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with an Applied Psychology major, as well as, graduating from NAIT’s Certified Personal Trainer Program, earning my Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology certification. I have actively been in the personal training industry for over 10 years. Having earned a great love and respect for the field of psychology and being avidly passionate about building a healthy lifestyle, it has strengthened my respect for achieving a strong body and mind. I was taught under the Solution-Focused Therapy principle of positive outcomes; focusing on personal successes rather than failures in a athletes life. This helps view the athlete as an expert of their own life. As a professional, I can lead you to design and define goals that are specific to YOU. Allowing you to have ownership of your own goals is one of my main focuses. The power of goal setting is essential in both a therapeutic and fitness trainer background. Having adopted this philosophy with my clients, I have witnessed great individual successes in my career to date.

Emile Ndekezi coach at PROJCT Athletics


Emile Ndekezi

Personal Trainer/ Group Training

I have always had a passion for movement from a young age. I was an avid soccer player for
much of my childhood and even into adulthood I nave continued to dabble in recreational
soccer (2 times ESCS champion haha). In my previous life, I was a high school teacher for the
past 6 years and developed a passion for working and teaching. while doing that however,
especially over the last 2 years I found that my true passion was with coaching and fitness, a
regular feature of my life for the better part of 20 years. My favourite thing about being a fitness
coach is the ability to help people live their largest lives and learn from them and their story as
much as I get to coach and teach. I view this as a chance to be part of an amazing project in
creating the healthiest, happiest people no matter what that might mean for the individual. I see
the individual and as such I am not dogmatic about a certain type of training and work to
create the most enjoyable and fun experience for each person.

Sandy Yoo coach at PROJCT Athletics


Sandy Yoo

Group Training Coach

Bio coming soon.


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